Pi-Base Robotics Challenge

Pi2Go is a battery powered Raspberry Pi controlled robot that can turn through designated  angles and move forward on wheels. Pi2Go is the ultimate python programmable robot. 

We have 4 x 4 pegged grids onto which a team of two can lay out mazes like those shown below. A second team can then plan, program and ultimately Bluetooth programs to the on-board Raspberry Pi to negotiate Pi2Go through the maze. Once teams complete the maze teams swap places and become maze creators in readiness for the ultimate robotics challenge. 

Once teams have negotiated 4 x 4 mazes they can use the Pi2Go robot to negotiate more complex 6 x 6 and soon (we hope) 8 x 8 (64 square) mazes. It's fun it's stimulating and it gets all ages coding.

Summer Workshops throughout Hertfordshire, learn about ''Turtle Graphics' and to code and problem-solve. Challenge other family learners and make new friends in our Robotics Workshops.